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Semi Tubular Rivet Machines

Semi Tubular Rivet Machines

Modern cam design eliminates the loud cranky flywheels of the past with about 1/3rd less moving parts. We utilize a cam and self-lubricating graphite slides to eliminate the need for daily, weekly, or monthly lubrication schedules that other impact riveters require. Fewer moving parts than a traditional style machine because of its cam design means less maintenance, repairs, and hassle.

These machines can be configured to clinch a wide variety of semi-tubular, solid and self-piercing rivets. The cam power design does not require linkage from the pedestal of the machine to the head of the machine (like flywheel machines do) so our working “head” can be configured in a variety of ways with virtually any amount of throat depth.

semi tubular rivet machine


  • Cam driven
  • Super quiet
  • Overall heavy duty design
  • Requires NO PNEUMATICS
  • Sets a wide variety of semi-tube, solid, and self-piercing rivets
  • Available in pedestal and bench-top style
  • Electronically controlled rivet feeder
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • “Plug and Play” - uncrate, plug into the nearest 110V outlet and start assembling your product moments after the machine arrives!
  • Redesigned ram and jaw slides improve rivet feeding and longevity
  • Heavy duty solid steel plate frame
  • Improved cam design


  • Cycle time - 1/3 Second
  • Throat depths  - 10”, 18” 24”
  • Approximate Tooling Gap - Up to 3.25”
  • Rivet Capacity - Up to 1/4” diameter Semi Tube
  • Motor - 110VAC
  • Warranty - 1 year or 1 million hits
Cam Powered Rivet Machines

R2 10” Throat Riveter
Up to 3/16” semi-tubular rivets
Cycle in 1/3rd second

throat riveter

R2 18” Throat Riveter
Up to 3/16” semi-tubular rivets
Great for sheet metal work
Cycle in 1/3rd second

sheet metal rivet

R2 24” Throat Riveter
Great for sheet metal work
Cycle in 1/3rd second

sheet metal fasteners

HD 10” Throat Heavy Duty
Up to 1/4” steel semi-tubular rivets
Cycle in 1/3rd second

heavy duty rivet machine

Bench Top Cam Powered Machine
Up to 3/16” steel semi-tubular rivets
Cycle in 1/3rd second

bench top riveter

Specialty Rivet Machines

Specialty Servo Rivet Machine
Up to 1⁄2” Diameter Semi Tubes
11.75 Throat Depth
Variable Ram Stroke, Speed and Setting Pressure Power: 440VAC 3PH

servo rivet machine

Specialty Rivet Machine with swivel arm for part loading

swivel arm rivet machine

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