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Rivet Drivers

rivet driverVFG can provide you with drivers for any brand of rivet machine. Just send us your part number and a sample of what you are now using and we can provide you with a quote.

Drivers are the hardened steel tools that are used in rivet machines to force the rivet through the rivet jaws during assembly down onto the anvil where the rivet is then clinched. The driver radius must match the rivet head precisely or feeding issues can result.

The first two illustrations (left to right) below shows that the only contact point of the driver to the rivet head is on the highest point of the radius on the head of the rivet. Note the gap on either side of the rivet heads. This permits the rivet to drive off-center as soon as the machine cycles and the rivet is pushed down to the anvil. The picture to the right shows a properly designed driver that controls the rivet alignment throughout the riveting process.

rivet drivers

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