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Blind Rivets

Blind Rivets

Valley Fastener Group stocks and supplies many standard blind rivets per IFI specifications. VFG manufactures blind rivets in all types of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Comprised of two pieces, a blind rivet consists of the hollow, smooth, rivet body with a flared head and a solid, rod-like mandrel. It is common to have a different material for the blind rivet and the mandrel to achieve desired strength and resistance. Blind rivets, commonly referred to as POP rivets, are very popular because of their quick and easy installation.

Blind rivets are frequently installed when only one side is accessible. When installing blind rivet, mandrels are pulled up through the rivet, expanding the back side to hold the materials together, permanently fastening it. Blind rivets are available with a variety of head styles including countersunk, flat head, round, hex and more. VFG manufactures all standard head styles.

Types of Blind Rivets

VFG stocks and supplies several types of blind rivets, including break mandrel, pull-thru (PT) andrel, self-plugging, and structural (high strength) blind rivets. Each type of blind rivet has its own advantages, suitable for specific applications.

Pull-Thru (PT) Blind Rivets

Pull-thru blind rivets are commonly used when clearance is limited and the joint set needs to be flushed. This countersunk blind fastener is will be flushed on both sides after proper installation with no mandrel head in the application. These PT rivets are commonly used in the electronic industry as well as for low clearance industrial applications.

Self-Plugging Blind Rivets

Self-plugging blind rivets manufactured by Valley Fastener Group offers a liquid and water resistant option as a fastener joint. These self-plugging mandrels also provide greater strength and vibration resistance compared to pull-through rivets.

Structural Blind Rivets

Valley Fastener Group manufactures structural blind rivets, known as break-stem rivets, for quick installation with single side access for structural applications. These rivets are high strength fasteners and are ideal for applications where vibration is present and uniform clamping is desired. Our structural blind rivets are frequently used in steel beams, bridges and other applications with heavy loads.

Why Use Blind Rivets

  • Fastest way to join materials
  • Able to avoid under-torqueing and stripping unlike threaded fasteners
  • Won’t loosen once installed
  • Works great in ductile material & thing gauge metals
  • Compensate for irregular holes
  • Used when access to the joint is available only on one side
  • More secure fastening & durability than nails & screws

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