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About Us

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Valley Fastener Group utilizes over 150 state-of-the-art production machines.  As the industry leaders in cold headed specials and rivet manufacturing, we offer cold headed specials, screws, rivets, global sourcing/blending, rubber parts, weld-nuts, industry-specific paint, springs, engineering and technical assistance, assembly equipment and outsourced fastener assembly of your products. 

We have three centrally located manufacturing facilities.  Valley Fastener Group Corporate and Valley Rivet Division are located in Aurora, Illinois.  Our Cold Headed Specials and Screws are produced at Forgo Fastener Division in Naperville, Illinois.  Our recently expanded North Coast Rivet Division is located in Elyria, Ohio.

The companies making up the Valley Fastener Group are committed to a common set of objectives: 

  • Provide competitively priced rivets, cold-headed specials, threaded fasteners, tooling, weld-nuts, stampings, rubber parts, paint, assembly equipment, design and engineering solutions.
  • Assure a reliable product by controlling quality from inception to shipping dock. Since 1976, we have been supplying quality rivets, fasteners and other components to our customers.
  • Work closely with customers to ensure a cost-effective solution is specified for the application.

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What does Valley Fastener Group manufacture?

Cold-headed rivets and fasteners from .045 diameters up to 3/8 inch diameter.

Some of the rivets we make include:


Special fasteners include, among others:

  • Knurled screws
  • Special shoulder screws
  • Terminal screws
  • Grooved screws and blanks
  • Screw and washer assemblies
  • Thread forming screws
  • Thread cutting
  • Weld Studs and other screws


  • Hex
  • Hex socket
  • 6-lobe
  • Type 1A
  • Phillips
  • Phillips Special
  • Slotted
  • Square
  • One-way

Manufacturing Capabilities

Forgo Fastener Division - Naperville, Illinois

  • Size: M2.5 or 4-40 thread up to M8 or 5/16 threads, with a length up to 60mm or 2.5 inches underneath the head
  • Manufacture standards, but strengths are in specials
  • Sems screws up to ¼” diameter
  • Solid blank size is M2 (.090) up to M10 (.375) diameter
  • Materials: steel range 1006 to 4037. Stainless Steel range 302, 316, 410, and 430. Brass of 230 to 270, Copper 102 and 110, bronze and aluminum.
  • Drive types: button, pan, truss, fillister, indented hex, indented hex washer which include Phillips, slotted square, 6 lobe, and special combination
  • Equipment: Multiple high speed and 2 die headers along with 3/8” 4 die bolt maker.
  • Secondary: Trimming up to ¼” diameter, slotting, thread rolling. All compliment equipment capabilities

Valley Rivet - Aurora, Illinois

  • Size: .058 (1.48mm) up to .367 (9.32mm), with lengths up to 3.625 inches
  • Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass
  • Types: semi-tubular, solid, metal piercing, collar studs, shoulder, binder, and brake-clutch rivets.
  • Equipment: Multiple high speed headers, single die and 2 die headers.
  • Sorting: capable to mechanically roll sort for scrap and foreign debris

North Coast Rivet - Elyria, Ohio

  • Size: .095 (2.40mm) to .375 (9.52mm) with lengths up to 2.5 inched underhead
  • Materials: Steel 1006-4037, 430 stainless, aluminum, brass, and copper
  • Types: semi-tubular, solid, , metal piercing, collar studs, shoulder, binder and brake-clutch rivets.
  • Equipment: Multiple high speed headers, single die and 2 die headers.

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